Product Description

Reportrix is the ultimate gateway into your Dentrix database. Navigate your way through the database tables to build, save, and automate custom reports designed to fit your practice needs.

Customize queries to automatically execute and generate reports on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Reportrix provides a user-friendly interface to help users write and distinguish queries by customizing specific text colors for tables, operators, strings, numbers, and SQL keywords.

Reportrix has a built-in auto-correct which provides a drop-down to assist in finding keywords, procedures, and tables.

Product Comparison

Reportrix Dentrix Query Tool
Full read access to the Dentrix database through the ODBC layer icon icon
Predefined queries built in to get you started icon icon
Export data in multiple formats icon icon
Complete table and field lists icon icon
Save and manage your custom queries icon icon
Custom text colorization of operators, strings, numbers, tables, SQL syntax to make queries more distinguishable icon icon
Setup automatic execution and export of queries. icon icon
Automate your queries to run on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. icon icon
Real-time Dentrix table and field finder with syntax correction (similar to Microsoft's Intellisense). Makes writing queries and navigating the Dentrix database easier. icon icon

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